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Enema bags typically are made of silicone or latex and come in the 4 quart and 6 quart sizes. Some systems come with double bags, multi position shut-off valves and bulbs to promote flow.

4 Quart Double Bag Enema Kit

This original enema system offers a compact one (1) gallon capacity colon cleansing and implant system. The two-2 qt enema bags and the silicone smooth flow and hose system are translucent, which make taking an enema series more effective. All 4 quarts can be used at once or clamped off, one 2qt bag for a reserve.

The 4 quart double bag enema kit contains: Two, 2 qt. folding translucent latex bags, all silicone tubing, fittings and shut-off clamps, 2 single bag hangers and 1 silicone col*n tube.

What makes the 4 quart double bag enema kit such an excellent tool to work with an intensive cleansing program is the 6' Flowmaster Pump Fluid Delivery System which includes 6 feet of silicone hose, a Higginson-type syringe bulb, and a white multi-position clamp that has a ratchet design with 12 flow positions, including off.

Whenever possible, both enemas are performed on the left side. The first enema causes the liver and gall bladder to dump their toxins.

The Kelley Enema System allows users to do a double enema with a minimum of conscious effort for a number of reasons:

a) Stiff col*n tube eliminates the enormous frustration of folding.
b) Extended hose lengths enable easy manipulation of the flow clamps from any position,
c) Bulb pump allows users to speed up the insufflations if desired and to conveniently and fully empty the colon tube,
d) Dual bags eliminate the necessity to pay attention to how long the first enemas takes to begin,
e) Translucent tubing allows users to monitor and minimize particulate build up, and
f) High quality components guarantee smooth, trouble free operation for years.

Using this 4 quart double bag enema system, you can simply perform two, and possibly more, consecutive ten minute enemas in order to avoid irritating those who cannot hold a full quart and the re-absorption of toxins which begins between the 10 and 15 minute mark.

Note: The bags should be reversed and brushed at least once a week to avoid build up of fungus or bacteria. The tubing can be cleaned daily by simply rolling it against itself while running shower water through it.

Cleaning Your Enema Bag

If you are using a latex enema bag - You cannot use oils or petroleum products of any kind with latex as it will weaken the bag. Castile soap is recommended and safe to use. Clean your enema bag thoroughly after each use to prevent build up of bacteria or fungus.

Vinly enema bags are available and silicon enema bags are also available. These two options will avoid the hassle of difficult cleaning as with the latex enema bags.


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Discposable enema bag kit with pre-lubricated nozzle.

Enema Facts:

1. Relieves constipation and cleanses the colon safely.

2. Provide life-saving fluids to dehydrated patients.

3. Delivers Life-saving medication which can be absorbed quickly.