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Choose the right enema nozzle for your syringe for added comfort.

Choosing the right enema nozzles is a very important decision. The enema nozzle itself is the only part that comes in contact with your body, so finding the right size and shape is a personal choice. When choosing an enema nozzle online - be very careful that the measurement are accurate and you know what you are getting. Enema Nozzles are generally non-refundable.

Barium Tip Enema Nozzles

The term, "Barium Tip" comes from the hospital usage of these items. Radioilogists use barium tip enema nozzles for administering "Barium" enemas during x-ray examinations of the col*n.

The base of each barium tip enema nozzle has a standard 5/16" barb to fit standard hospital grade 5/16" (internal diameter) tubing perfectly. Many of these style enema nozzles have three holes at the tip - one at the end - and two lateral holes on each side to ensure even distribution of enema solution.

This style of enema nozzle is generally inexpensive and efficient.

Plug Shaped Enema Nozzle

This style of enema nozzle can measure up to a full 6 1/2 inches long. At its widest point it is 1 and 1/2 inches wide. The unique plug-shape is designed to help with retention for patients who have more difficulty holding in fluids.

This enema nozzle has a 3/16 inch hole that runs through the entire length for great flow. It uses a 5/16" barb which fits a typical 1 gallon enema bag. Some of these models can cost up to $30 or more - they are a more custom style of enema nozzle.

Inflatable Enema Nozzle

The Inflatable Enema Nozzle with Silicone Balloon Tips are fairly new products as far as enema equipment goes. Made entirely of Surgical Grade Silicone, the silicone balloon enema nozzle is not effected by heat, chemicals, lubricants, sunlight, etc. Silicone is a great material for enema products as it is far more inert than latex nozzles so it is much safer to use.

This is the smaller of the two balloon tips that we sell. It has a 16" long hose that has a 9/16" diameter. Once inserted, the balloon size is controlled by an air bulb pump which can inflate the nozzle to help with retention.

This item requires a fitting to connect it to the bag. Which fitting you need depends on the size of the bag you are getting. The fittings will be available from the same manufacturer that makes the inflatable enema nozzle.


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Enema Facts:

1. Relieves constipation and cleanses the colon safely.

2. Provide life-saving fluids to dehydrated patients.

3. Delivers Life-saving medication which can be absorbed quickly.