How to give an Enema | Enema Equipment

Basic enema procedures haven't changed, giving an enema is simple and safe.

There are two main types of enemas: the retention enema and the evacuant enema. The retention enema is used to deliver medicine, nourishment or to hydrate a patient who is uncapable of taking fluids orally. the evacuant enema is used to clear out the col*n and provide relief from constipation.

The Retention Enema

To perform a retention enema - you will need a funnel, a bulb style enema syringe and a small amount of water and a short rubber tube to insert into the r*ctum. the small sort tube uses minimum pressure to deliver the solution. For maximum effectiveness, make sure your solution is about 100 degrees, or body temperature.

The Evacuant Enema

To perform an evacuant enema - you will need a funnel, an emema bag with a large amount of water, and a longer, larger rubber tube to insert into the rect*m. The larger tube creates more pressure and delivers a greater volume of fluid. For this type of enema - warm your water slightly more - 105 - 110 degrees is about right, or just above body temperature.


Once you have assembled your enema equipment, turn your patient onto his or her left side and make them comfortable. Before you begin - make sure you have lubricated the end of the enema tube or nozzle sufficiently. If you are going to perform an evacuant enema - raise the tube above the bag and slowly lower it to induce the flow of liquid and get rid of any air bubbles. once the fluid starts flowing you can pinch the end and get ready to insert.


Now you are ready to insert the rect*l tube. With the lubricated end in your hand - insert the tube 4-6 inches into the an*s. Raise the enema bag about 12-16 inches above the insertion point to allow adequate pressure for the fluid to begin flowing. Monitor the patient to see if there is any discomfort and pinch the tube to reduce flow until the patient is comfortable again. Once the full amount of solution has been delivered - withdraw the tube and let the patient rest on his or her back for a minute or two.


The patient can now begin evacuating the solution and fec*s. To do this - either place a bedpan under the patient and raise the head and feet, or if the patient is able - they can simply go to the toilet to evacuate.

You're done! Clean and sanitize your enema equipment for the next time.


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Enema Facts:

1. Relieves constipation and cleanses the colon safely.

2. Provide life-saving fluids to dehydrated patients.

3. Delivers Life-saving medication which can be absorbed quickly.